This Policy was created on 10th September 2020 and will be reviewed annually.


ACYCLE operates with the website and our aims, objectives and mission statement are clearly outlined. It also outlines our Safeguarding policy, Photography policy on how we keep all users safe.


Our policies outline the safe collection and storage of the children and parent’s information, along with volunteers. We collect this data and store it on a safe drive for administrative purposes only.


The website pages may ask for basic personal information from new users to the site and potential partner organisations who may wish to access our Creative Learning programme or support our cause. We use the personal information of the above only for providing a confidential service to partners of individual customers, and for our business improvement.


The website will only request and capture basic and key information from anyone who wishes to make an enquiry or to book on the programme. Any testimonies and evaluative comments will be anonymised or will have the consent from the partner or service user’s parents if under 18. This will not be shared with any Third Party organisation without the Individual’s consent.


Like many businesses ACYCLE collects data that your browser sends whenever you visit our Website. This may include your postcode, browser type, pages you visited, date and time of your visit. All of this will be confidential and only used for our Business analytics to improve our project and services.

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